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VR Art Classes: Creative Expression in an Immersive Environment at XR Marin

This Fall XR Marin is offering a series of 4 introductory VR Art Classes. Our classes are unlike traditional painting classes with canvas, brushes, and pigments. At XR Marin, our students will work at VR stations, don goggles, and learn how to use controllers to engage digital tools to paint, sculpt, and illustrate with Tilt Brush, Blocks 3-D, and Oculus Medium. These powerful applications present a new vocabulary for creative expression and are essentially all you need to begin creating art in VR. Students will learn to create art on a limitless canvas with a unique digital pallet of color, textures, and interactive treatments. Art in VR is like language immersion one being transported to a completely new place and unique culture different from one's own daily life. VR painting offers a similar experience of being embedded and transported to a whole new place of understanding in an infinite and limitless 3-D digital world that you create! What's most amazing about our VR painting classes is that they are so easy anyone can do it! VR Art classes are fun for novice doodlers to mature artists. So grab a few friends and sign-up now for our new VR Art Classes! Begin creating your own immersive imagery and new worlds to experience in VR!



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