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XR Delights, Educates, & Opens Eyes at the 10th Annual TEDx Marin Community Gala 2019

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

XR Marin was honored to join the Innovator Showcase at the 10th Annual TEDx Marin Community Gala Show 2019. Held at the James Dunn Theater on the campus of the College of Marin in Kentfield, California, TEDx Marin is about spreading ideas and knowledge that surprise, delight, and open us to new perspectives that can change ourselves, our community and the world. XR Marin loves an audience that is progressive and is open to new ideas and innovation. We were delighted to showcase several VR experiences to attendees as introduction to these immersive technologies that are rapidly transforming the way people learn, communicate and interact with both physical and virtual environments. Attendees also got to try immersive painting with Tilt Brush, Google's paint tool. We wish to thank the TEDx Marin community for inviting us to introduce these technologies and to share the bold vision of how these exponential technologies will be changing how we learn, communicate, and interact within our rapidly changing society. Follow the link below to our photo gallery!



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