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Art Classes:

Introducing new VR Art Classes at XR Marin! Learn how to create art in virtual reality, with a different creation tool: Tilt Brush, Blocks, Oculus Medium and more! Our experienced instructors will guide you through various VR art applications and help you create beautiful and unique VR art! At the end of the session, take a picture or video of your art to share with family and friends!

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Sign up now for our new art classes this Fall! Grab your friends and explore creating art in virtual reality. You will learn how to use three of the most popular creation tools including: Tilt Brush, Blocks 3-D, and Oculus Medium. Tap into your creativity and learn how to paint on a limitless canvas in a 3-D immersive environment! Learn how XR is pushing the boundaries of art!

$60 per class

S U N D A Y , N O V . 3 | 1 : 0 0 - 3 : 0 0 P M
C L A S S F O C U S : M E D I U M

VR Art Classess & Photo Galleries


Valentine's Day Art Oddessy by Maya!

Winter Animal Landscape by Liam

Happy New Year! by Hyago

Happy Holidays Art Class by Josh P.

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