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Learn About Climate Change with Virtual Reality at South Novato Library

Our friends at the Marinovation Learning Center - XRLibraries and South Novato Library, invite you to participate in an innovative climate education program called Visualizing Climate Change. The program begins on March 7 and culminates with an Earth Day Celebration on April 25. Climate Change is already impacting our world and is one of the most pivotal issues of our time. This series aims to empower people with knowledge about climate science and the implications for our planet and our communities through virtual reality (VR), guest speakers, films, and other events.

Climate Change is one of the most critical issues facing our planet with far reaching implications, especially in our state and coastal regions. It is an area of growing public concern as people seek to understand climate science and how it affects their communities.

VR is a powerful new medium to expand understanding Climate Change through its immersive sensorial richness, creating a 'you-are-there' effect. VR brings us closer to the research, science, and impacts of this evolving environmental global crisis. VR can transport you to Greenland's melting ice glaciers or into the blazing fires of Northern California. Experience how virtual reality powerfully communicates Climate Change at Visualizing Climate Change. For more information, please contact



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