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Creating New Immersive Worlds at XR Marin Summer Student Academies 2019!

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

XR Marin had a series of very successful summer academies in Immersive Storytelling with 360 Video, Virtual Reality (VR) , and a new Advanced Virtual Reality course. In our VR course, students learned how to place those models in 3-D virtual environments with the Unity, a video game development platform. Taking it to the next level, our Advance VR Academy students created video games in VR with Unity and were introduced to C# programming. Demo day at the end of the week, offered a range of gaming fun including a key puzzle game and saving our planet from asteroids! One student even adapted his learning to create a CPR compression experience!

XR Marin Summer Academies empowered our young students to create new immersive experiences with creativity, curiosity, and teamwork! In our 360 Video Academy, students learned how tech and communication are blending to create a new form of storytelling with the aim to give people the feeling of really ‘being there’. With the eruption of feature stories from media leaders like CNN, 360 video immersive experiences are now appearing more and more in a variety of media channels including advertising. Our students learned how to do 360 video captures and stitch them together to create a 3-D immersive experience for their audience to explore. One student team brought their creativity to the challenge creating Tip Toe Tutus, a complete Who Done It? mystery involving a detective, hidden clues, and a ballerina with a missing engagement ring!



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