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XR is in its infancy, and this development platform is so new that it has really opened opportunities for women to emerge as leaders in this industry. XR Marin is seizing this unique opportunity to be the catalyst leveraging this open landscape to cultivate and catapult our female students to become the next generation of young leaders in XR.


XR Marin Super Girls

XR Super Girls is a program that encourages girls to pursue careers in STEAM through the engagement, education, and empowerment of girls and young women in entrepreneurship and immersive technology in XR: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 Video. 


XR Super Girls will let girls and young women discover their voice,  their strengths, who they are as a leaders and how they can create change in the world through the awesome potential of XR. XR Marin provides a safe space for girls to realize their value, power, and wisdom through creativity, collaboration, self-reflection and content creation in XR.


XR Super Girls also better prepares our students for college and career through our educational programs, entrepreneurship and a supportive sisterhood of industry mentors at the forefront of the immersive tech revolution that is impacting our modes of communication and how we experience our world-the physical and the virtual.


With the support, engagement, and mentoring by female developers and industry leaders our sisterhood and ecosystem in XR will be the catalyst to rapidly bridge the gap in gender and diversity in tech.

"An inspiring day with girls and boys interested in XR. I can’t wait to see what these amazing young people create! XR Marin is an shining example—thank you for inviting Sama to be part of it!"
Barbara DeHart
Sama Learning

Past Super Girl Events!

XR Super Girls -
An Empowerment Workshop

Saturday, April 27, 2019           


Gallery for XR Super Girls Empowerment Workshop

XR Super Girls
Friday Meet Ups

Our meet ups are designed to introduce girls and young women to XR: VR, AR & 360 Video. Through a series of 4 weekly after school programs, students will learn the following foundational knowledge in XR to build interest and confidence to prepare them for future XR Marin's Student Academies and Internship opportunities.

  • Friday, October 11  |  2- 4:pm
    XR Wha???
    Join us for our kick-off event to be introduced to immersive technology and how it is transforming our worlds. XR is part of a confusing tech alphabet that includes: AR, VR, an 360V. All of these immersive technologies can be a mouthful and confusing.  Learn a little bit about each platform and you will get to try each: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 360 Video.  Come and learn about future meet ups and connect with our XR sisterhood.


  • Friday, October 18   |  2- 4:pm 

    Doodles &  Dabble Virtual Reality Art
    Did you know you can create art in virtual reality. It is super fun and so easy that anyone can do it? Grab your friends and unleash your inner doodler with Google's new painting tool for virtual reality. You will create your own dynamic doodles while learning how to express your creativity in VR in this new introductory meet-up designed for exploration and fun while building confidence with immersive technology.


  • Friday, November 1    |  2- 4:pm

    Building Blocks 3-D Modeling in VR
    Create 3-D objects for 3-D environments in VR with Google's new modeling tool Blocks. Blocks will give dimension to your creations so you can actually walk around them.  You will be learning a very basic foundational skill essential for any VR project which is an iterative combination of code and assets know a 3-D objects. This class will get you on your way to making object for the new world you will create in VR. 

  • Friday, November 8    |  2- 4:pm
    Self-knowledge is the foundation girls need to assert their voice and remain resilient, to rise up as leaders—and to keep rising. In our increasingly complex world, immersive storytelling with 360 Video is a powerful way to blend tech and communication to develop a whole new form of speaking your truth, creating empathy and the feeling of  being there through immersive experience.  In this meet up you will be introduced to 360 video and how to make a simple capture so can begin to find your voice within this new immersive channel.

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