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Industry Workshop Series

Virtual Reality Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Tue, October 9, 2018

10:00 AM – 12:30 PM PDT


Sexual Harassment VR Training Workshop Gallery


Learn about an innovative training using cutting edge technology that meets California state requirements for all supervisory personnel to complete 2 hours of sexual harassment prevention training within six months of hire and every two years thereafter. This session will provide an opportunity to experience the training and determine if it could be offered as an option to employees in your organization.

This isn’t your typical sexual harassment prevention training. It’s an immersive approach to teaching people how to identify and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace. Unlike videos or online training, Vantage Point's virtual reality experience puts you in the middle of a scenario and checks to see if you can recognize harassment as it unfolds, as well as how you, even as a bystander, would handle the situation. Why VR?

XR Marin - Sexual Harassment Training Fl

Existing solutions may produce negative results, including an increase in victim blaming, a decrease in willingness to report sexual harassment, a decline in understanding, and could trigger negative gender-based stereotypes. Vantage Point emphasizes accountability and builds empathy in the workplace.


Existing training solutions don't align with how the human brain processes information, and only have up to a 20% retention rate. Full immersion training has a 90% retention rate.


State Dependent Learning is a psychological phenomena where employee response accuracy and memory is at it's highest when the training environment is able to most closely replicate the stimuli of the real-world environment. Traditional training solutions do not take into account the external and internal stimuli that influence employee decisions.

Morgan Mercer CEO, Vantage Point


Morgan Mercer is a product-enthusiast and idealist who founded the social VR company Vantage Point in 2017. Vantage Point is a comprehensive sexual assault educational program conducted in virtual reality focusing on the core concepts of identifying sexual assault, sexual assault stigma, and bystander intervention through simulated learning. Prior to founding Vantage Point, she concurrently served as the Head of Digital for an e-commerce startup and an Analyst for a digital agency where she has worked on high-profile contracts focused on attitude change and behavior change within the domain of complex social issues. Morgan splits her time between Washington DC and Los Angeles, but has traveled to over 23 countries, serves as a mentor to inner city children, speaks on numerous panels, mentors at hackathons, and is proficient in Italian and Russian.


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