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At the Forefront

Introducing XR Marin a whole new concept in educational technology that can unlock potential giving students and individuals new ways to experience learning and opportunities to innovate new media while developing high demand skills for college and career. Explore the awesome potential of deep immersive experiences that transform how we experience knowledge, learning, and our understanding of interactions with technology, virtual environments and the physical world. 

XR Marin Regional Training Center leading the way in education, innovation, and community.


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Our Mission

XR Marin Regional Training Center provides professional quality training for high school students and individuals in XR:  Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, & 360-degree video. We seek to foster an ecosystem of educators, students, industry, and academia to increase public awareness of XR through developer resources and professional training while promoting dialogue about the applications, implications, and interactions of XR in our physical and virtual worlds.

What We  Do

 XR Marin is a unique professional training center and immersive technology work space in the North Bay. Our community receives training in cutting edge technology, develops on VR platforms, and explores the intersection of physical and virtual reality.   XR Marin is a mult-i-use and creative space with 20 -  VR stations, a green screen studio and meeting/presentation area. We offer many programs and services to students and individuals at our state of the art training center and in our community to expand access to virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video .

Education: ROP Academies, Art Classes, Industry Workshops & Internship Programs

Community: Open Houses, Global VR Day, XR Super Girls & Outreach

Enterprise:  Professional Studio Rental and Private Events. 
Please email us for inquiries  and be sure to include event type, date, time, and number of persons attending.

Our Story

XR Marin was launched in 2018 as a county-wide educational resource for training students and adults in cutting-edge XR technologies: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Extended Reality and 360 Degree Video. As the newest addition to the Marinovation Learning Campus, a 12,000-square-foot complex that includes the South Novato Library, a MakerSpace, and a Media Studio located in Novato, XR Marin expands the model for collaboration between public schools, public libraries, and workforce development in Marin County.

XR Marin offers the entire community — from students to local industry--expanded opportunities for education and innovation in our new regional training center for XR. Our XR studio is a multi-use creative and professional space with 20 - VR Stations, a green screen studio and meeting/presentation area.


XR Marin was developed in partnership with Marin County Office of Education in partnership with the College of Marin, Novato Unified School District, Marin County Free Library and the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay.

XR Marin also was conceived as a startup enterprise organization piloting innovative programs and events to showcase XR technologies and expand new ways of learning, creating media, and understanding of how we experience virtual and physical environments.  XR Marin is primarily funded by grants from the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay and Marin County Free Libraries.


XR Marin is about emerging XR technologies, human interaction with technology , people, their ideas, and the things they make and innovate, and what we do is only possible thanks to the generosity of those who support us.

Our Impact

While XR Marin evolves in its innovative programming to keep at the forefront of education and technology, our impact continues to target a broad range of students and individuals seeking to develop their knowledge and workforce skills for future careers in virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and 360 video. XR Marin continues to partner with industry leaders and academia to create engaging educational opportunities and programs for students and individuals in Marin. XR Marin is also helping to bridge the gap in gender and diversity with thoughtful programming to supports equity in education and career paths in XR.

Our Leadership

Alongside our XR Marin Partners and XR Marin Team, our XR Marin Leadership Council shares the organizations values and commitment to education, innovation, and community. XR Marin Leadership Council includes stakeholders from industry, schools, and the community who champion the mission and programs of XR Marin and do meaningful work to ensure our success.

XR Marin

931 C Street
Novato, CA 94949


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